BioWonder Drain & Septic Treatment – 1 Year Supply

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BioWonder is a superior, all-natural synergized blend of friendly bacteria and tough, hard-working enzymes that eliminate waste buildup and decompose the organic materials that clog pipes, tanks and drains while also reducing odors in plumbing, septic systems, disposals, grease traps, and more.

  • 60+ treatments per jar
  • 3X the concentration of waste digesting microbes than the leading competitor
  • Our 100% organic formula is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe on all plumbing
  • Destroy and prevent unwanted odors that come from waste buildup in pipes and drains
  • Maintain a healthy septic system in order to prevent expensive backups before they happen

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Unlike typical drain openers with harsh chemicals, BioWonder is non-toxic and is safe for plumbing, people, pets, and the environment. It’s just like adding probiotics to your wastewater – nature’s way of eliminating organic waste. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners that simply flush straight down a drain, BioWonder’s ability to attach to waste and spread gives you 360-degree coverage throughout your plumbing system.



Prevents future buildup and clogs, saving you time and money!


With over 3x the number of microbes than leading competitors, you can count on BioWonder to work faster and harder


With 100% naturally occurring organic microbes, BioWonder is environmentally friendly and safe.


Safe on all pipes and plumbing. Even safe around pets and humans!


BioWonder reduces nasty odors by breaking down gunk and digesting solid wastes


BioWonder works great on septic tanks, disposals, grease traps, RV’s, boats, lift stations, cess pools & more!

BioWonder Septic
BioWonder Pipe Example
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  • 【3X MORE POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】Unlike other septic treatments that only contain 1 billion or less CFU (bacteria per gram) and 3 or 4 different strains of waste eating bacteria, BioWonder contains 3 billion CFU and 6 unique strains of bacteria ensuring your septic or drain system gets the power it needs to get the job done.
  • 【SAVE $ BY PREVENTING FUTURE PROBLEMS】BioWonder helps maintain a healthy septic and plumbing system that reduces the number of pump outs required and helps prevent septic backups.
  • 【100 % Safe – Non Toxic】With BioWonder you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals hurting your pipes. Our ingredients are 100% naturally occuring, non-GMO and organic. BioWonder is environmentally friendly & biodegradable
  • 【REDUCE ODORS】BioWonder’s bacteria and enzymes reduces nasty odors by breaking down waste and digesting solid wastes that cause odors.
  • 【MANY USES】 Our powerful formula makes the perfect choice for septic tanks, sinks, toilets, garbage disposals, showers, floor drains, RV tanks, boats, drain fields, porta-pottys, grease traps, sump pumps, cesspools, plumbing and much more!
  • 2+ year minimum shelf life
  • Measuring scoop included


  • Septic Tanks and Fields
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Shower Drains
  • Floor Drains
    • RV’s
    • Boats
    • Porta Pottys
    • Grease Traps
    • Sump Pumps
    • Cesspools

And More!

How It Works

How It Works

BioWonder is a all-natural proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes.  It’s 3x more powerful than the leading septic tank treatment competitors.

The enzymes in BioWonder work on contact, acting like short-order cooks, preparing food for bacteria by breaking molecules down into bite-sized pieces the bacteria can then swallow. BioWonder includes 6 different strains of  helpful bacteria to conquer many causes of slow drains.  Each enzyme works on digesting a specific type of molecule:

  • Lipase to liquefy grease
  • Cellulase to break down paper and fibers
  • Protease to blast away proteins
  • Amylase to destroy starches
  • Pectinase to liquefy pectin and gums

The bacteria in BioWonder arrive dormant and are awoken when added to water. Within an hour after pouring the bacteria into a drain, the bacteria begin to eat their way into the waste that has accumulated on the sides and top of the drain pipe. This is their natural food. Each one will eat its weight in waste every 60 seconds. 

While digesting the waste the bacteria double in number every 30 minutes, multiplying throughout your system and providing 360 degrees of clean. 

BioWonder changes waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system.



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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for BioWonder Drain & Septic Treatment – 1 Year Supply

  1. Jimmy Grafton

    Used on my 1500 gallon septic tanks and stopped my odor issues completely.

  2. Connie s.

    Huge help with reducing the number of pump outs and odor for my RV

  3. Terry L.

    Will buy again

  4. T.B

    I live in an older house and have had constant odor issues with my sink disposal as well as on and off drain flies. While other products i’ve tried just seem to mask the disposal odor, after a week of BioWonder seems to have gotten rid of the actual source of the odor. I also havent noticed a drain fly since the day after applying BioWonder.

  5. James Carlson


  6. Omar F

    Has cut my restaurants grease trap pump outs in half

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