Initial Treatment

For best results, you will want to “purge” the system. Treat drains at a time when BioWonder will have 4-6 hours to work undisturbed, overnight, for example, or in the morning when everyone is leaving the house for the day. In order to complete this initial process, apply BioWonder to each drain for 5 consecutive days. For most drains, mix 1 scoop (1 tbsp) with one quart of warm water (never hot).


Shake Well Before Use
For best results, do not use drains for 4-6 hours after application
It is recommended to perform an initial dose for 4 weeks and begin monthly maintenance dose thereafter.
1 scoop = 1 tablespoon

Septic Tank

Add mixture directly to the tank if possible. If the tank is not accessible, flush down the toilet nearest to the tank.

Tank SizeInitial Dosage (4 Weeks)Maintenance Dosage
< 1,500 Gallons2 Scoops Per Week1 Scoop Per Week
1,501 – 5,000 Gallons3 Scoops Per Week3 Scoops Per Week


Mix 1 scoop of BioWonder with 1 quart warm water and pour in the drain.

Floor Drains

Mix 3 scoops of BioWonder with 3 quarts warm water and pour in the drain.


Mix 2 scoops of BioWonder with 2 quarts warm water. Add mixture to the toilet bowl, then add an additional quart of warm water to the toilet to push product into the sewer line. Do NOT flush for 4-6 hours.


Mix 1 scoop BioWonder with 1 pint of water. Add mixture to disposal while the disposal is running and shut off once the mixture has been poured.

RV & Boat Holding Tanks

– Black water tanks: After the first use of toilet add 2 scoops of BioWonder though toilet.

– Grey water tanks: After first shower mix 2 scoops of BioWonder with 1 quart of water and apply into the drain. Treat again after dumping tanks. If odor is noticed between dumps, add an additional 1 scoop.

Sumps with Pumps

Mix 2 scoops of BioWonder with 2 quarts warm water and apply.


Tips For Best Results

  1. BioWonder will not breakdown or digest inorganic materials such as those made from plastic or metal found in common bathroom items such as toothbrushes, combs, toys, etc. If the pipe/drain flow does not improve after the recommended treatment, the cause is probably inorganic. Remove the obstruction manually and continue treatment with BioWonder.
  2.  For large scale hair buildups, remove as much of it as you can manually before applying BioWonder. Otherwise, daily treatments for 30 to 45 days may be necessary since hair decomposes very slowly.
  3. After the initial period of daily application, it is recommended to apply BioWonder on a monthly basis. This will also help keep septic tanks and drains healthier. The recommended application is 1 scoop of BioWonder per month in bath and shower, kitchen sink, lavatory sink, toilet, laundry, and dishwasher. Floor drains should be given 2 scoops
    per month.