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Personal Hand Sanitizer, 3oz - 6 pack
Personal Hand Sanitizer, 3oz - 6 packPersonal Hand Sanitizer, 3oz - 6 packPersonal Hand Sanitizer, 3oz - 6 pack

Personal Hand Sanitizer, 3oz - 6 pack

  • Easy twist cap for controlled dispensing

  • Active Ingredient: Isopropyl alcohol 75%

  • WHO recommended liquid formula

  • FDA registered product

  • American made

  • Perfume-free

  • Dye-free

  • Soft on hands


Also available in bulk

Made in the USA


With many essential businesses and healthcare operators replenishing their supplies to a safe level, we are now able to offer a 6-pack of our 3oz. hand sanitizer directly to consumers. The same BioWonder® hand sanitizer that has been an vital part of the continued operations of essential businesses and large corporations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is now available to you!

The compact size and leakproof E-Z twist cap of our 3oz. bottle was specifically designed to provide a convenient, effective, on-the-go hand hygiene solution. As businesses reopen and employees return to the office and other facets of normal life, the importance of good hand hygiene will become even more paramount. Our 3oz. BioWonder® hand sanitizer will ensure you carry peace-of-mind protection from harmful germs wherever you go.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL HAND SANITIZER SALES ARE FINAL. At this time we CAN NOT provide any refunds on Hand Sanitizer purchases.


What is your product made out of? 

Active ingredient: Isopropyl Alcohol (75%)
Inactive ingredients: Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Distilled Water
That’s it! No unnecessary additives or hard to pronounce chemicals. 

 Is your product effective?

Yes. BioWonder hand sanitizer meets or exceeds the guidelines put forth by the WHO, FDA and CDC for the preparation of alcohol-based hand sanitizer products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aqueous solution of 75% Isopropyl Alcohol is in alignment with said regulatory guidelines. 

 What is the consistency of your product?

This is a liquid hand sanitizer, as recommended by WHO guidelines. Using different or additional ingredients to alter the solution’s consistency may impact the quality and potency of the product.
To ensure the best consumer experience, our 3oz. bottles have specially designed E-Z twist caps to ensure the product is dispensed in an efficient, controlled flow. 

 Is your product scented?

No. BioWonder® does not add other active or inactive ingredients to improve the smell or taste, due to the risk of accidental ingestion in children.The alcohol smell of BioWonder hand sanitizer (derived from the active ingredient, Isopropyl Alcohol) dissipates once the product dries. 

 Is your product safe? 

 Yes, provided proper use guidelines are followed. BioWonder hand sanitizer is a topical, antiseptic solution to be used for hand hygiene.Do not ingest, inhale or otherwise consume the product. Keep product away from excessive heat or open flame. Always supervise children’s use of the product. 

 Read the latest FDA guidelines 


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